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Our goal is to create a safe space for discussion and expression for the young people of France. Teenagers and young adults around the world, but specifically in France, are facing some daunting issues surrounding mental health and substance abuse. 


Youth unemployment in France is up to 24%, making it the 3rd highest unemployment rate in Europe. 


Mental illness is becoming more prevalent in high school and university students. Studies show that “About 50% of all lifetime cases start at the age of 14; 75% have already started by the age of 24.” A common problem found in Europe is the fact that adolescents with mental health issues are not given enough support and are often discriminated against in schools.


As of 2017, 12% of university age students struggle with depression and 7% with anxiety. Mental health problems will often affect performance in school as well as the physical well-being of the student, and can even lead to suicide. 


Substance abuse is on the rise, particularly that of soft drugs and alcohol among the teenagers of France. “At the age of 17, over 47% of the French have already tried smoking cannabis, 68.4% have smoked a cigarette, and 89.3% have experimented with alcohol.” Other studies show that binge drinking is becoming a common practice especially since it is seen as an acceptable social practice.


This is just a look at the issues coming against the young people of France. With the opening of the Cafe, we hope to provide a place of safety and expression for the community, especially the youth. They will be able to have a location to gather with their friends, display their art, and discuss language and various topics with Americans. We hope to impact the young people of Albertville, France in a big way and set them up for a successful future.

The median age of onset of ill mental health ranges between 11 years old for anxiety and impulse control disorders, 20 years old for substance abuse, and 14 years old for mood disorders.

(Europa 2017)

According to the ‘EU Health at a Glance Report of 2016’ there are approximately 60,000 cases of suicide annually in Europe.

(Europa 2016)

One in four young people between the ages of 15 and 25 will develop a mental health disorder. (TheConversation 2015)

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