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Our France youth center opens!!!
French English Exchange

Cup of Hope purchased a building in between 2 high schools in Albertville, France and renovated the project in order to open a youth center café outreach.  We have a fully furnished apartment over the center where we hope eventually a youth coach and family will reside and join our team.

Introducing Electrik Café  (Snack House "Hangout")

We offer youth centered programs, activities, opportunities, continuing education, and relational development. To attract youth, the center provides healthy, low cost meals made available during lunch hours and afternoon snacks. All proceeds are retained to help meet operating expenses and benefit the charitable purpose.


The purpose for the café approach is that in France, high school youth are allowed to leave the school premise for up to two hours and most do not return home during this break. Instead, they loiter on the sidewalks or gather in parks with sandwiches they purchase from pastry stores that do not provide a dining location.

Community involvement

Teaching kids the importance of participation in their community with a spirit of generosity and humility builds character and will contribute to their future.  Our heart is to serve the community in which we thrive. 

In bilingual settings (English/French) we hold discussion groups about global needs, what organizations are currently addressing those needs and what can they do personally to become involved. We will identify problems such as human trafficking, immigration prejudices, and anti-Semitism that is resurfacing in Europe.

relational !  (remember life before smart phones?)

Of course, we offer free wifi.  We don't imagine kids will avoid their cell phones, but we attempt to create such an engaging atmosphere full of dynamic energy that phones become less compelling and face to face interaction far more fun.

As part of this goal, being more relational means being more confident.  The French school system can be sadly "shame-based" and we want our "hang out" to be confident building. 

confidence building : express myself!

Special events are designed with the intent to give youth opportunities to express themselves through art, music, poetry, book readings, dramas and of course... conversation.

Discussion groups in French/English exchanges focus on topics of morality, life decisions, philosophy, and current world news in an effort to help young adults identify what they believe and think and how then to express their beliefs in an articulate manner.


Using current media (books, tv, music, movies) to enhance discussions, groups, we examine what is being said in the world today. We examine the difference between positive expression and that of negative expression which is voiced through violence, vandalism and intolerance. Our hope is to always encourage the expression of ideas and emotions in productive, healthy ways.

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