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Cup of Hope’s (Electrik Café) First Event !!

Anneliese (13) & Shiloh (11)

Cup of Hope's (Electrik Café) Introduces Anneliese and Shiloh Venable (ages 13, 11)

Take a listen... they informed me the song is not finished but if this is a rough draft, just imagine!!!

This past Saturday was Electrik Café's first private event! Wow!!!

Over 40 attending with incredible live music from musician groups, including 2 adorable young girls from the Venable family who introduced a song they wrote !!!

This is exactly what we hope to accomplish with the Café... creating a safe and encouraging place where youth can express themselves.

Electrik Café is a nonprofit community outreach café focusing primarily on the needs of the youth. We want to encourage everyone to find lasting hope for their lives.

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